(One to One) Talk & Drum Healing Jam Sessions


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These 60 minute sessions include an array of naturally produced sounds from various instruments.  Every session is different and intuited around your own energy and in your highest and best interest. Just lie back, relax and let the music do what it is supposed to do.  Sound is an ancient healing energy which has been used for well being around the world for time immemorial. From the didgeridoo of the Australian Aborigines, to the drums of African tribes, bells, gongs and bowls of Tibetan and Nepalese cultures and rattle of the Native Americans, sound has traditionally been used, and continues to be used, to bring people from stressed to de-stressed states, trance and many others.

Everything in the universe vibrates and the vibration creates a level of sound.  Most of the sound cannot be detected by the human ear and we do not perceive sound  through our ears alone, we hear it through every cell membrane in our body. Our bodies create an orchestra of sound that is as original as a finger print and in religion it is said that sound, or the word, created the universe.  

​Problems in our energy systems can cause disease and if they are not rectified this is where instruments of sound are used to cleanse your chakras and aura to bring about balance, relief and healing.  When utilized consciously and intentionally, sound soothes the nervous system, quiets and focuses the mind, settles emotions, relieves pain and more.  Most of us already use sound therapeutically.  We sing in the shower, play music to clean the house, make playlists for the ones that we love. We naturally know the power of sound.



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